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Call us on - 087 238 0762 for any technical advice

OSMO Scraper, Double Blade, 270mm Wide, Wooden Handle

by Osmo
R 899.90


The Osmo Double Blade Scraper was developed especially for use with Osmo Professional Line products, however it can be used with any Osmo finish for the thinnest, most efficient application.


  • The size is perfect. It is big enough to cover large areas easily, but not so big that you lose control at the edges of your workpiece.
  • The corners are properly curved to avoid scratching.
  • The real beauty of this blade is that it has some spring to it, so you can exert a little pressure for spreading a flood coat, or really press it for cleaning the surface for final rubbing application before using a Scrubby Pad.
  • The secondary blade reinforces the first, which allows the first blade to be a little softer, and so that you will get even pressure and contact across the blade, even when you are stretching across a large piece.
  • The two blades working together is the really clever part! This results in fewer times you need to pass over a surface to get achieve a top result.
  • I've used it to spread a wide variety of Osmo products including Osmo Polyx Oil and Top Oil, all with comfort, speed and simplicity. I was able to apply the right amount of finish making the next steps fast and easy.