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Call us on - 087 238 0762 for any technical advice

Mipa 1K Isolator 1000ml

by Mipa
R 499.90

Mipa 1K-Isolator is a fast-drying special primer, which prevents bleed through on solvent sensitive materials.

In woodworking, this product is especially good, acting as a primer and isolator on MDF/Supawood or dark oily woods that need to be painted.  It can also be used to seal Knots in Pine and other resinous woods.

What this means in practice is that you won't get yellow bleed through when applying white or very light clolour paints to MDF.  Mipa 1K-Isolator also seals and primes MDF edges with a single coat.


Clean and degrease thoroughly.  Sand to between 150 and 220 grit including edges.  

Spray, roll or brush on one or two layers of Mipa 1K-Isolator. Drying time is roughly 1 hour at 20 °C.  Flat/denib the surface with 320 grit abrasive between coats and overcoat with any acrylic, polyurethane or any spray or roll-on finish for a perfect surface.

Data Sheets:

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet