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Call us on - 087 238 0762 for any technical advice

OSMO Intensive Cleaner 8019, Clear, 1L

by Osmo
R 529.90


Osmo Intensive Cleaner Concentrate 8019 is a highly effective special concentrate, ideal for intensive cleaning.

Osmo Intensive Cleaner is ideal as an alternative to sanding on all wood surfaces treated with oils and waxes, e.g. floors, furniture and plastics, stainless steel and other waterproof surfaces.


  • No grinding, no dust
  • Renovation of structured floors possible
  • Existing patina is retained
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for contract use
  • Renovation without grinding
  • Applicable inside and outside
  • Container sizes available : 1L  and 5L
  • One litre is enough for one coat for approx. 30-100 m2

Dilute concentrate 1:10 to 1:20 with water.

Apply to contaminated surfaces, loosen dirt and then absorb with clear water. For machine processing on floors, we recommend using a red or green pad floor pad.

Dirt pick-up with  lint-free cotton cloth.
After drying, treat the cleaned surface with maintenance oil or a hard wax oil.

Never use undiluted. Always check the substrate for compatibility. The after-treatment with maintenance oil or hard wax oil depends on the condition of the surface after cleaning.